Grills Meat and Smokers

Grills Meat and Smokers

Which One is Better to Buy, the Grill or the Smoker?

Which One is Better to Buy, the Grill or the Smoker

The grill and the smoker are popular options for cooking in the summer; you will often see them at backyard parties and picnics. Many think these devices are the same, but they do have their significant differences. Grills more often than not are not capable of producing the same smoky flavor that you get from smoked food.

Due to their functions, a lot of BBQ and smoking enthusiasts have grill vs. smoker arguments. But really, which one is the best in terms of method? Which is the most practical buy? We will discuss these issues in this article.

Smoker stats

Smokers, as the name implies, make use of smoke to cook food, or rather to flavor the food. There are different types of smokers and they can be wood, gas, electric or charcoal. If you want something more user friendly, try using a gas or electric model since they will need less supervision. But if you want an authentic smoky flavor, go for the wood or charcoal types.

Smokers feature a wood chip container and a water pan which are positioned in the smoke chamber’s bottom part. You can fill the water basin with either sand or water. The wood provided will impart the flavor and generate smoke while the sand or water will regulate the stability of the device’s internal temperature.

The kind of wood used will have an effect on the overall taste of the food. Remember that there are certain kinds of wood that match a certain kind of food really well. Smoking also helps preserve the food, and long ago, people used to dangle meats from hooks over a smoky open flame pit to preserve them.

Smokehouses were also used in the olden days to preserve meats. Smoke has certain properties that help prevent the development of microbes in the meat. Smoking entails long, slow cooking at a low temperature.


  • The meats or food that are smoked often turn out moist, tender and packed with a smoky flavor
  • Electric and gas smokers are generally more user friendly
  • Some smokers need long, slow cooking with minimal attention


  • Takes a while to finish process
  • Wood and charcoal smokers require constant supervision
  • Temperature is a challenge to control
  • There might be issues with food safety

Because a meat smoker does not have a thermometer, it can be hard to know if the meat has been thoroughly cooked. Meats that are not properly cooked can pose health risks.

Grill stats

Next on this grill vs. smoker debate is the grill. The grill operates by means of a charcoal, gas or electric heat source. Many are into gas and charcoal grillers because they think it draws out the best flavors of the meat.

Grilling allows for faster cooking and the meat has to be turned regularly for balanced heating. Based on the kind of food being grilled, it can be cooked on high or low heat. Grills are effective when it comes to cooking smaller foods like pork chops, steaks, chicken breasts, and fish.


  • Capable of quickly cooking food
  • User friendly
  • Healthy method of cooking since spare fats and grease trickle out of the meat
  • Preserves the nutrients of meats and vegetables
  • Food stays juicy and packed with flavor due to basting


  • Requires constant rotating to prevent burning of food
  • Charcoal grills are not user friendly for beginners

Grilling is the choice method for cooking meats other than baking or roasting because users have to cook with minimal oil and the grease trickles off of the meat.

So between the two, which is the better choice?

Regardless whether you select a grill or smoker, what you buy will be based on your own preferences and the kind of food you wish to cook.

Grilling is a simple method and is straightforward to boot, while smoking will offer more distinctive ways to cook food. For instance, you can make use of the smoker to make beef jerky or smoked cheese or ham. These are procedures that cannot be done with a grill.

Grills, meanwhile, let you cook faster which is the reason they are popular summer backyard party equipment. You can deal with a greater quantity of food with a griller in a shorter amount of time compared to a smoker. Then again, you cannot really beat the rich, robust taste produced by smokers.

Now, if you are fond of cooking ribs, ham, brisket and other large cuts of meat, you can opt for a smoker because the it enhances them the most. But for smaller meat cuts, you can opt for a grill since they do not take so much time to cook.

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