Grills Meat and Smokers

Grills Meat and Smokers

The Right Add-ons for Your Meat Smoker

The Right Add-ons for Your Meat Smoker

You now own the meat smoker you have wanted and are now you are wondering if you should buy additional accessories for the device in order to maximize your use. Yes, it is recommended that you also invest in quality items that will aid in your use of the smoker.

Meat smoker accessories not only help in the cooking, but they will also make things safer for you. Here are some of the add-ons you need to write down on your to-buy list.

1. Meat thermometer

A majority of meat smokers do not have a thermometer, and in order to guarantee that the meat is not over- or undercooked, a thermometer will help in this area. Smoking meat without this beneficial item can be a hassle because you have to check the temperature every time and it can quickly grow tedious.

Investing in an excellent wireless thermometer will enhance the smoker’s temperature control. Keep in mind that slow cooking requires even temperatures at all times.

Using a thermometer is simple since all you have to do is stick the item in the meat, choose temperature or timer, choose meat kind or manual temp, and you’re done. The thermometer will emit a beeping sound when it reaches the temperature you have set.

2. Durable BBQ gloves with heat-resistant properties

Your aim here is to make delicious, cooked smoked meat and at the same time, prevent burns on your hands from occurring. Make sure to invest in a good pair of durable, heat-resistant gloves when you are handling the smoker or racks. Look for mitts that can handle up to 932°F and have silicon strips for excellent grip and safety.

3. Chimney fire starter

Next on our list of meat smoker accessories is the chimney fire starter. It can be a pain piling charcoal under the smoker, so a chimney fire starter is always a good purchase.

With this item, all you have to do is place the charcoal in the starter, crumple some paper towels, douse them with a few lashings of oil, then light it up. Position the chimney on top of the balled up paper towels and you can have flames going for 10-20 minutes.

4. BBQ grill brush

The grill and smoker require maintenance too; you have to take proper care of your investment. Following use, activate the temperature for roughly 10 minutes, and using a wire brush, clean the item and rid it of its remains while it’s still soft.

Prior to the next cooking session, clean the smoker with water while it is reaching its temperature. Position the grate in the smoker and allow it to preheat before putting the food inside.

Get a long, sturdy brush that can effortlessly reach the outermost segments of the smoker without burning yourself. Make sure that the brush can be used on materials like stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, carbon steel, and porcelain.

5. Make use of durable, strong bear claws

Bear claws will help you deal with your cooking. When managing foods like turkey, chicken, and other kinds of meat, it can be a pain transferring the item to a serving platter.

Bigger forks can be unwieldy and using your hands is prohibited. Look for bear claws that are made with a heat-resistant nylon material that has passed FDA standards. Bear claws are also helpful if you smoke pork and need to shred the meat.

6. Strong, durable BBQ tongs

Prevent burns to your hands by using efficient, durable, and long grilling tongs. Look for tongs with a length of at least 16”. They should be able to slip under the food and grasp it securely. Longer tongs mean you won’t have to deal with accidentally burning your hands on hot coals too. Furthermore, look for tongs with stainless steel construction and non-slip handles.


Investing in quality meat smoker accessories will lead to more enjoyable food moments; they will also make the procedure safer for you. You can find them in kitchen equipment stores, and you can find great deals online for these items as well.

Smoking is a lengthy process, so in order to maximize your use of the device, make sure that you have all the proper accessories on hand. Most of the items mentioned are meant to increase safety, so it pays if you invest in these items.

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