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Grills Meat and Smokers

Masterbuilt 20070910 Black Electric Digital Smoker Review

Masterbuilt 20070910 Black Electric Digital Smoker Review

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Smoking can turn bad cuts of meat into wonderful, delicious food that is teeming with intense, complex flavors. If you want convenience for this process, you can opt for an electric smoker. Turn those tough beef brisket cuts into tender, juicy dishes with the help of the best meat smoker available today.

Confused about what to buy? Simply browse our reviews for more information about the product. This is a review of the Masterbuilt 20070910 Black Electric Digital Smoker.


  • Has 730 square inches of cooking space
  • Includes 4 chrome-finished racks
  • Has an 800-watt heating element
  • Includes digital timer and temperature controls
  • Thermostat temperate control helps cook evenly from 100-275°
  • Includes convenient side-loading for wood chips
  • Includes removable drip and water pan
  • Easy to use


Barbecues are a fun way to bond with family and friends over delicious food. Now allow them to taste the goodness of smoked fare by means of the Masterbuilt 20070910 Black Electric Digital Smoker.

The product offers a generous 730 square inches of cooking space so it adequate in case you are preparing food for a bigger crowd. You can smoke a good selection of food items in it from chicken, ham, fish, sausages, and more.

There are 4 smoking racks built into the device, and they have a chrome finish which appears to help during the smoking process. It is easy to clean the racks after cooking since they can easily be removed. You can also adjust the racks as you prefer.

The device has digital controls and you push a button to begin the smoking process. The settings for the temperature feature ranges from 100°F to 275°F. The temperature you have set remains steady, and the meat will be cooked in the manner that you need.

You won’t have to deal with your meat being over- or undercooked. It also includes a 24-hour timer with an automatic shutoff for added convenience.

The device also includes a handy and practical side tray where you can add your choice wood chips. You do not need to open the device to load chips; thus, you keep the smoke and heat inside the device at all times.

The unit assists in flavoring the meat by allowing you to add your choice marinade to the removable water pan; this method will not only supplement the process with moisture, but it will also provide additional flavorings to the meat.

The drip pan, meanwhile, which is located at the bottom, is there to gather the drippings, which can be used to further impart flavor to gravies and sauces. The drip pan is removable and it is attached to the back of the smoker. Cleanup becomes easier due to this setup.

The unit has a durable feel because of its solid construction. It is well-insulated; thus, you won’t have to deal with losing smoke or heat inside the device. The digital thermometer helps in making the whole procedure convenient, plus the device is built with a generous cooking area with sufficient racks to cook meats of any size.

The thermostat maintains the temperature you set steady, and it also includes a 24-hour timer feature with automatic shutoff. It is perfect for cooking for a larger crowd and the smoke level can be modified without the hassle by means of the air damper. It is easy to clean right after cooking due to the removable drip pan.


The Masterbuilt 20070910 has to be plugged in, and it comes with a short cord which makes it rather inconvenient to use, especially outdoors. You have to position it to the nearest electric outlet outside the house, or you can use an extension cord in order to use it wherever you want.


The Masterbuilt 20070910 Black Electric Digital Smoker has all it takes to make smoking meat more convenient and free from hassle. It has great insulation, so you won’t have to worry about heat and smoke escaping during the cooking and smoking process. It has an excellent control panel and features which makes the whole process easier.

If you are the type who loves planning outdoor parties, this is a device made for you. While it does include a short power cord for a reason, you can make do with an extension cord if you want to cook wherever you want. Still a highly recommended smoker for home use.

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