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Grills Meat and Smokers

Masterbuilt 20051311 2-Door Propane Smoker Review

Masterbuilt 20051311 2-Door Propane Smoker Review

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When it comes to smoking food, there are three primary methods to do it. The most common method is through charcoal or wood, and then you have other methods like propane and electric smokers. While many agree that wood and charcoal smokers are the way to go, some are more into propane smokers.

Standard smoking methods require patience and a lot of tending whereas, with propane smokers, you can go ahead with other activities but still get properly smoked meats. For this review, we are going to discuss Masterbuilt’s 20051311 GS30D 2-Door Propane Smoker.


  • Includes 4 chrome smoking racks with 717 square inches cooking surface
  • Has stainless steel burner
  • Has Type 1 regulator and hose
  • Includes push-button ignition
  • Has porcelain-finished wood chip tray and water pan
  • Includes locking door with integrated temperature gauge
  • Includes cool-touch handle


The Masterbuilt 20051311 is capable of controlling heat and it helps in ensuring that the cooking temperature will be stable throughout the process.

For smoking meat, it is crucial that the temperature be maintained at all times, if not accurately, at least as close to the required temperature as possible. For great results, smoking should be done at lower temperatures.

This smoker is also capable of igniting quickly so there is no waiting time on your part. The propane method is actually the easiest smoking method around. It is also more affordable compared to electric smoking.

Propane smokers do not need much attention like you would with standard smokers like wood and charcoal. If you want a more convenient approach, then propane smokers are your best bet.

Another excellent benefit of the 20051311 is that the device has 3 ways provided for users to control its internal temperature. There is a dial located in front of the unit, a vent located at the back, and a valve that helps regulate the propane that is coming from the tank. It can also be used to minimize the smoker’s internal temperature.

The device does not need too much gas, so it is quite affordable to use. It continues to churn out heat at a steady temperature. There’s no waiting needed unlike electric type smokers, which you have to preheat first.

It is also a convenient model since you won’t be bothered to find the nearest electric socket for it or use it with a longer extension cord. Hence, this is something that you can use for picnics, backyard parties, or tailgating events.

The model has a weight of 70 lbs., making it a bit heavier so moving it will require some effort. However, the weight adds to the smoker’s stability; if you do not want the smoker around all the time, make sure to place it in a convenient spot. Another option would be to add casters for easy rolling.

The device has a vertical design which means it makes for effective smoking since the smoke ascends from the lowest part of the device to the top, filling the entire cooking area with that smoky, rich, and robust flavor. Furthermore, due to its vertical design, it means that it will not take up too much space in your home, porch, or yard.

The 2-door design is also an advantage since the lower door offers individual entrance to the wood chip tray and water pan; this means that less heat and smoke will be able to escape.

Its push-button electric igniter is located in an easily accessible spot, and the insulated doors make holding all that heat better compared to other like devices. It is also easy to assemble and even the mechanically challenged will be able to set up the smoker.


The wood chip tray that was included is small tiny and does not perform well as expected. It does not come with wheels, which could have helped since the smoker is on the heavier side. The provided door thermometer was not accurate, and it will help if you purchase another digital thermometer.


The Masterbuilt 20051311 2-Door Propane Smoker is a top product for its price. It can easily be set up, is made from quality materials, has a design that makes for effective space usage, and it also comes at a reasonable price. This is a smoker that excels in the most important task of all: providing tasty, well-smoked meats.

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